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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crafts by Cheri 4 piece blue sweater set

Crafts by Cheri 4 piece blue sweater set
The set includes sweater, leggings, booties, and hat
This is a newborn sized set.
Made from acrylic yarn

Sweater-around neckline: 13 inches
-neckline to waist: 8.25 inches
-neckline to end of sleeves: 9.5 inches
-around waist: 18 inches
-around sleeve opening: 5.5 inches
Pants-around waist (elastic waist): 15 inches
-waist to crotch: 4.5 inches
-waist to end of leg: 11 inches
-around leg opening: 6 inches
Hat-around ribbing edge: 14.5 inches
-from front ribbing to back ribbing: 9.5 inches
Booties-length of sole: 3.5 inches
-height up back with ribbing rolled down: 2 inches

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